Public Footpath


Public Footpath clothing is designed to be easy fitting and generally oversized. If you like your clothing to be more fitted you could consider sizing down, however we just ask that you always check the measurements to be sure. This can save a lot on time, postage, cost and disappointment.

Where possible, adjustable design features are included to make each piece more size fluid, e.g. tie fastenings or elastic, meaning your garment can change with you (body or mood) and last for longer.


Working with vintage and second hand materials means that fabrics can be very limited. Some pieces can only be made once and in one size.

Please always check the measurements given to see if the size will work for you.


Any piece that is made to order comes with free custom sizing. There will be a size chart inlcuded in the product listing to choose from, however you can also provide your own measurements. 

To get these, we strongly advise taking measurements from garments you like the fit of. See how below:


It's likely you have a few garments that you love the fit of already. If we can replicate that with our pieces, great! Get them and a tape measure ready.

Firstly, lay them on a flat surface. Then measure..

Your garment width: from pit to pit and double it.

Your garment length: from the highest point of the shoulder (at the neck) and measure down to the hem.

Your garment sleeve length: from the shoulder neck to the sleeve cuff. 

ONE OF A KIND: If these measurements are close to the ones given on our product listing, it's likely it will fit you nicely.

MADE TO ORDER: Pop these 3 measurements in the notes box at checkout, or an email, and we'll use them to make a garment that is made perfectly just for you!

If you need any more detail or help, please get in touch as we know this can be tricky and we’re always happy to help! - [email protected]