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Many of our pieces are made using older and vintage fabrics which, like anything with more than a few years under its belt, require a bit of TLC.  So here are some simple steps to help you take good care of it as it begins its new adventure:


  • Prioritise airing it to keep it fresh - Keeping your garments well-aired will reduce or remove any smells, meaning that you won’t have to wash it as often.

  • Stick to spot cleaning stains when necessary - Washing clothing can put stress on fabric, often wearing it out a lot quicker. It also uses far less water and energy to clean stains locally.

  • Hand wash only, using cool water - We strongly recommend this, not only because strange things can happen inside a washing machine, but also to minimise the tiny particles of material that are released into the water. Those coming from synthetic fabrics are called ‘microplastics’, which eventually end up in our water ways and sources, potentially harming marine ecosystems and human health. Cool water is also a lot kinder and less damaging to colours and fibres.

  • Dry flat and never use a tumble dryer - Again, the heat of a tumble dryer can be damaging as well as releasing tiny particles from fabrics. You can of course hang your clothes on a line, but its best to lay things flat on an airer if you can, to avoid stretching.

  • If needed, iron on setting most suited to fabric - Not everything needs to be ironed. However it is the nudge that certain fibres need to sit in the right places, maintaining the shape of your clothing and making it last longer. Just make sure you use the correct setting to avoid burning delicate fibres.

Your garment will appreciate this a lot.