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We believe one of the most sustainable and earth friendly ways to create is to use what we already have.

The materials we work with are a mix of second hand and deadstock - this means surplus or waste from commercial textile (over)production.

Any imperfections, wear and repairs are unique to each garment and the original fabric. It’s all part of its story. We aim to offer as much information about these as possible, as well as cleaning and repairing them as best we can.

We love natural fibres and try to forage for these as much as possible. However, we can't always be 100% sure of fibre contents of the things we use. Additionally, we believe that repurposing all types of materials is better than letting them go to waste and landfill.

The methods we use to make our items are traditional techniques, chosen to increase longevity so that you can buy less and wear more. From our seam stitching to care instructions, we try to give each piece the best chance at having a long and valued life.


This is what we believe. All garments are cut with as little 'waste' as possible, and those scrap pieces will always get turned into something funcitional.

As part of this zero waste ethos, every clothing and/or accessory order comes with a complimentary lavender bag. Made from scraps, lavender-oil-soaked rice and freshly dried flower buds, they are a natural clothes freshener and deterrant for dreaded clothes moths (those sneaky ones who nestle in wardrobes and chew holes in our clothes!)