Public Footpath


The footpaths of Britain weave their way across the land, leading to unexpected adventures, good times with good friends and a peaceful state of mind.

They are a way for everyone to get outside and be up close and personal with nature. They have been trampled by centuries of weary feet and are imprinted with the stories of so many lives. 

Public Footpath products are inspired by the spirit of these life-giving trails.


Public Footpath was founded in the rolling Mendip hills of Somerset, UK. Setting out to give life back to forgotten and unwanted textiles, its circular ethos walks alongside the natural world; regenerative designs that leave no waste.

Every Public Footpath piece is made from foraged fabrics, making use of what already exists whilst producing nothing new. No two items are identical and the majority of pieces are completely unique.

The stories woven into the fibres of every textile are carefully preserved using traditional techniques to repair, remake and regain them. Visible repairs are signs of life and little glimpses into the garment’s past; memories for us to appreciate the journeys our clothes make, whilst hopefully extending them too.

Public Footpath is slow fashion and a response to the throw away, fast fashion culture and the mountains of textile waste it produces that are sent to landfill. Every garment requires patience, awareness and consideration for the resources and processes required to make it.



Every design, pattern and garment is created and sewn by me, Laura, in my Bristol based studio.

Almost a decade ago I moved from my home in Wales to London to study and work in the fashion industry. I designed clothes for luxury womenswear brands and specialised in embroidery along the way, since freelancing as a textiles designer.

I’ve always loved physically making more than anything. There’s just something about a slower approach to creating with your own hands, especially practical items that can be used every day.

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was tiny. She has always been a huge inspiration to me; a beautiful dressmaker herself, her tenacious drive for making use of everything, ‘something out of nothing’, completely captivated me. It’s her influence which sparked my love of foraging; designing around and celebrating the resources that are readily available.

As we approach a turning point for the survival of the natural world as we know it, I’m passionate about working in a meaningful way to achieve a more sustainable way of living, with strong ethics, transparency and responsibility.

Creating pieces from fabrics that already exist on our planet and seeing others take them on new journeys is my dream and hope for a kinder, more purposeful future of fashion.